Usually brown is often used on websites

For products such as handicrafts, sweet foods and furniture. Pink: Pink has a romantic, cheerful, energetic and of course feminine impression. This color is used in companies whose target markets are newly married couples as well as women and children, such as the toy, household products and fashion industries . White: Lastly, white symbolizes cleanliness, spaciousness, simplicity, and purity. This is a neutral color for a product website . Usually used on news portal websites , architecture, companies, etc. How to Choose Effective Colors on a Website Next, Kinaja will give you tips for determining the colors on your website.

Study your company branding

Know the theory and how to choose colors for your website! – Kinaja 5 Source: Website Kinaja In fact, color makes it easier for 80% of people to recognize a brand or company, you know. Therefore, the website must appear consistent with colors that are guided by your branding . For example, the Kinaja website is identical to dark and light blue colors which match the branding they display. Know the purpose of the UK Telegram Number Data website on each web page The second way to determine color is by knowing the purpose of the website on each page. For example, the homepage functions as a page to welcome web visitors. You can use branding colors in the header , slider , etc. so that it looks striking. Adjust the color to your target market Know the theory and how to choose colors for your website! – Kinaja 6 Source: Website Kinaja Next, you can adjust the colors to your target market.

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For example Kinaja uses blue

White on its website . Because the color blue is popular in various circles and is suitable for use in technology companies. Another reason is to build the impression of high intellectuality and loyalty towards clients or customers. Make sure the typography can be seen clearly No less important Argentina Telegram Number List than the above, you must ensure that the writing on your website can be read easily and does not make visitors’ eyes tired. If the appearance of your website has a light color feel, make sure to use a dark font color. On the other hand, use a light font color if the appearance is dark, OK? That’s all Kinaja can give you. After this, don’t forget to practice it yourself, okay? Hope you can help.