Analogues are a combination of 3 colors that are next

To each other on the color wheel. These colors generally create a sense of harmony and balance. For example, The Sims 4 logo consists of blue, dark green and light green. Meanwhile, triadic is a combination of three colors that are on a straight line on the color wheel or form a 120 degree angle. For example, the Burger King logo consists of blue, yellow and orange. The Meaning and Influence of Colors on Websites Did you know that color can build brand perception in your visitors? You can set the tone of your website by choosing a color scheme that reflects how visitors feel. Each color represents a feeling. So, that’s why you have to understand the meaning of each color.

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Explanation! Red: This color means alertness, strong passion, etc. Red is suitable for use on brand websites that have a strong appeal and is often used in children’s products, the food industry, and social activities. Orange: Orange symbolizes enthusiasm, freshness, fun and creativity. This Australia Telegram Number Data color can be applied to websites such as supermarkets, consultants, and so on to attract audiences, especially millennials. Yellow: This color symbolizes joy, warmth and life. Even though this color attracts attention, it is better to combine it with dark colors to make a stronger impression. This color can be used on websites that sell school equipment, electrical and restaurant products. Green: Green symbolizes fertility, freshness, and stability.

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This color is suitable for environmentally

Friendly products, herbal plants, or tourist websites . Blue: Blue represents loyal, intellectual, peaceful and wise. This color is popular in various circles. Usually used by Algeria Telegram Number List websites from technology companies, government agencies, education, etc. Purple: This color symbolizes elegance, mystery, luxury. If your target market is women, it means you are suitable for using purple. This color is used by websites in the fashion , perfume, jewelry, etc. industries . Black: An elegant, strong, mysterious, sophisticated color, so it is suitable if your target market is men. This color is suitable for use in technology companies and transportation equipment. Chocolate: This color symbolizes strength, warmth and endurance.