How to Use  Instagram Stories works allows you to extract the best results from this platform. For this, you need to know the different features and functions that this tool offers to generate value and win over your audience. Thus, through stories you can share texts, videos and photos that are only visible to your followers for 24 hours. And since everything that is scarce has more value, hence the immense success of this resource. To give you an idea, in 2018 alone Instagram registered 1 billion active users per month. In this way, it is possible to perceive the great power that this online space presents and the countless possibilities to attract new customers to your business. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of all the opportunities.  The features and functions of Instagram Stories have to offer your business, keep reading this article.

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Instagram Stories Instagram is a visually focused social network with high quality videos and images. In 2016 he launched Instagram Stories. This new feature allows users to create posts in different formats. How to Use  texts videos images With the difference that they are only available for viewing for just 24 hours. So content lives at the top of the app, where it’s represented by the profile picture of the people you Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List follow with a colored outline. Or even in the profile of each account on the network.. By the way, if this detail reminded you of Snapchat, it was not for nothing. Many believe that Instagram created Stories after Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy Snapchat. The Power of Instagram Stories Instagram Stories lets you tell stories. It functions as a kind of real-life storytelling. Which can be used for both individuals and companies.

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The Functions of Instagram Stories

It is considered a powerful tool to increase sales, as stories help you achieve any goal. A good story, told correctly, serves to connect, engage or even cause identification in the audience that is watching. It can used both for your followers to have fun, and also for them to suffer along with you. With this, it helps to awaken empathy in others. So, the more authentic and natural the stories Fax List shared in Stories, the closer your company is to your potential customers. And, with that, you gain their interest and trust in the solutions your business has to offer. The importance of Stories for your strategy Stories dispenses with the use of other social networks, because when the user enters the app. He already has quick and easy access to the content posted.

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