Google Panda how it works

 you know what Google Panda is ? This adorable animal arrived in February 2011 to combat low-quality sites. In this post we are going to analyze Google  Google Panda Panda in depth and answer the following questions: is your site ready for Google Panda ? Or on the contrary is it bamboo for Panda? INDEX OF CONTENTS What is Google Panda is an update to the search results ranking algorithm primarily created by Navneet Panda (hence its name). It first appeared in February 2011 as we mentioned above to combat low-quality sites. Are we going back to the pre-Panda stage? What is Panda Update? Google Panda is justified by the massive proliferation.

Do not copy content 

of websites with low quality content (or junk websites) in the years prior to its appearance. Only the tiny minority of websites launched were of decent quality. As for the rest? Their purposes were very simple: to position certain keywords in the search rankings by copying content executive data from other authors or writing content that was clearly over-optimized for certain keywords, and through these first positions, they managed to attract traffic to the site, which also of having low quality content, they were overloaded with advertising. For this reason, Google decided to “clean up” Internet content by updating its algorithm. There are undoubtedly many detractors of Google Panda ; There are many webmasters who blame Panda for having lost positions in the search rankings… but what is never.

Avoid internal duplicate content

talked about are the many other pages that offered high quality content for users and have risen positions. Not to mention the user experience . Google Panda prioritizes those websites that provide value to the visitor. In short: when we perform a certain search we want to find what Fax List we are looking for in the first positions. If, for example, you are looking for a master’s degree in online marketing, you would like to reach a site that meets your expectations: a quality program that tells you about SEO, SEM, social networks, online communication strategies , etc. Imagine that, on the other hand, you search on Google for the words “master in online marketing” and you arrive at a site.

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