Not only is guest blogging well and alive, it’s still highly effective. In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about. But first, let’s make sure we’re on the same page. What is the practice of writing and publishing a blog post on another person or company’s website. Most guest bloggers receive credit for their post (and a link to their website) in their author byline. For example, I wrote a guest post for Grow & Convert several years ago:Getting your first guest post published can be daunting. I’ve been there.

Following the steps

below will make the process easier and maximize your chances of success. 1. Find guest blogging opportunities Most people use Google search operators to company data find blogs with “write for us” pages. However, if everyone’s following this tactic, then everyone’s finding the same opportunities. Competition will be rife, and publishers may ignore your pitch. You don’t have to limit yourself to this small pool of blogs. Even if they do not advertise it, most blogs will be happy to publish a guest post as long as it’s good.This report shows you the keywords the competing domains are ranking for, but your target blog isn’t. Go through the report and look for keywords that are relevant to your target blog. For example, this seems like a potential topic to pitch.

Go through the report

And look out for suitable topics, especially those with declines in traffic and keyword positions. For example, SmartBlogger’s post on membership sites has dropped in both Fax List keyword positions and search traffic: Since we already did the research by creating the original piece, the “splintered” articles would likely not take much time to write. Perspective Technique You can easily reuse a topic by switching up the perspective. For example, let’s say we wrote a guest post titled “Best Remote Jobs for Students.” We can cover the same topic for different publications via multiple perspectives.

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