SEO Techniques for More Traffic

Competition makes life harder, but your competitors can also be a source of topic ideas. To find your competitors’ most trafficked pages, you can use the Top pages report in Ahrefs’ Site Explorer. For example, if we plug a competitor into Ahrefs, we see its guide to Magento SEO gets a fair amount of search traffic.In this example, we can see the “Common keywords” we share with our competitors, as well as the specific keywords our competitors rank for, but Ahrefs doesn’t.  SEO Techniques This report has identified 68,711 keywords, so there are more than enough opportunities for new content topics.

It’s worth prioritizing

Low-difficulty topics if your site is new because you may struggle to rank for competitive topics early on. You can find these with a keyword research executive data tool like Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer. Just search for keyword ideas, then filter for those with low Keyword Difficulty (KD) scores.The main benefit of content hubs is that link equity flows to and from all the pages in the hub via internal links. In other words, if one of your subpages gets lots of backlinks, they all get stronger and potentially rank higher. If you already have content on your website, the easiest way to create a content hub is to reorganize related pages around a new “hub” page.

Backlinks SEO Techniques

Of Google’s top ranking factors, but getting high-quality ones is easier said than done. It’s arguably one of the most challenging parts of SEO. For that reason, before Fax List you start trying to build more backlinks. To a page, it’s worth checking whether this is likely to help. For example, if you plug our guide to SEO analytics into Site Explorer, you see it has backlinks from 57 referring domains (websites). These numbers don’t consider backlink quality, so it could be the case that the top-ranking page outranks us because it has more high-quality backlinks. But generally speaking, it doesn’t look like a lack of backlinks is the issue.

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