Five pandemic-proof industries you need to know about

That was the headline in a Bangor Daily News story. Shocking? Maybe a little. Hyperbole? Not at all. After a pandemic that swept around the world, economies tanking and then civil unrest across the United States, it’s easy to see why some would speculate that 2020 has been the worst year ever. The scary thing is that there’s still a long way to go before the calender (mercifully) turns to 2021. Related Post: Coronavirus Impact on Stock Market That can mean one of two things: 1) It can still get worse. or 2) There’s still time to turn this thing around. If you’re an optimist, you should focus on the latter. You can knuckle down, put the power of positive thinking for you, and remember that when things get bad for some people, they get good for others.

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If you really want to turn 2020 around, it’s time to take a look at the industries that are not only surviving the “worst year ever,” they are thriving. Here’s a look: 1. The Lottery Playing lottery games is very popular in good times and as well as bad. But when things Switzerland Phone Number List get wrong, the game of chances and jackpots becomes incredibly popular. And why not? A relatively small investment gives you a day or so to dream about living the good life. A little daydreaming can be good for your mental health. Maybe that’s why many states in the USA declared lotteries “essential” and kept them open, even as they shut down schools, businesses and professional sports. Also Read: How to Use Social Media Marketing to Grow Your SaaS Business This year, lotteries have done well.

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And the beauty of modern lotteries is that people don’t even have to leave home to play. LottoLand allows people to play from anywhere they are legally allowed to log on. If you are looking to invest in an industry that is pretty much pandemic-proof, now is the time to take Fax List a look at an industry like the lottery. 2. Online Delivery Services Online Delivery Services When everyone from the World Health Organization to local government agencies is telling you to stay home or risk contracting a never-before-known illness, most people will stay home. But they still need to eat–and that’s why online delivery services are doing so well during this global pandemic. The beauty of this industry is that it’s relatively easy to get into.


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