Remarketing is one of the most efficient Digital Marketing strategies when it comes to improving sales results. Surely you’ve heard of her, even if you don’t remember now. After all, there are so many online strategies that we have today, that it’s normal not to remember all of them. But do not worry. In this article we will deal with this one, which is one of the most significant. Thus, you will find out what this strategy is, what are its advantages and how to use Remarketing within your company’s Digital Marketing. Keep reading and check it out. What is Remarketing Remarketing is basically marketing again to the same person. Therefore, the idea behind this strategy is to make an impact more than once, on the same potential customer. So, it can be applied through email campaigns responsible for reactivating your customer base and encouraging them to take action.

The difference between Remarketing

In this way, you use Remarketing to remind the customer of the items left in the cart, for example, or even to notify them of a special promotion. In addition to emails, you can still use Remarketing by displaying. Google Ads or your company’s content to a user who Hong Kong Phone Number List shows interest in your service. This increases your chances of conversion. This type of Remarketing is so well structured that many users believe that the same product appears to them more than once by pure coincidence. And then there are those who believe they are being spied on by Google and other online networks. The Advantages of Using Remarketing The main purpose of Remarketing is to increase conversions. Thus, he starts from the assumption that a buyer rarely completes the purchase in the first search.

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While Remarketing is directed to email

Google Ads itself disclosed that “non-conversions at first sight” are equivalent to 97% of visitors to an e-commerce or sales page. And that number can be even higher when it comes to complex sales, which have a longer Find out what Remarketing purchase journey. So this is where this strategy comes in. Through it, the customer has a more intimate contact with your brand through Fax List personalized messages. In this way, you remind the visitor of your offer and the advantages of your product. He ends up considering that purchase and is convinced that your product is the best solution for the pain he has. So, if despite that you still aren’t convinced of the value. Remarketing has for your business, check out some data taken from  Marketing report . Which says that: 58% of online shoppers like to receive notifications about products they have visited that are on sale.

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