After we know the benefits of loyalty programs and how important their role is in a company, then we will discuss examples of loyalty programs.

In running a business, it is necessary for you to pay attention to customer satisfaction. Because this is related to the sustainability and development of the company so that it is more advanced.

The picture goes like this. Suppose your customer is satisfied with what we provide, starting from price, product or service quality, service, and so on. Moreover, if we provide more benefits, they will continue to use the products or services we offer.

For example, by giving products, discounted prices, and so forth. Depending on company policy and of course it remains profitable for both parties.

 Partnerships Then the customer is entitled

The second example of a loyalty program Malaysia Mobile Number List is in the form of a partnership. Where loyal customers have the opportunity to become partners or partners in the company. In addition, they will also get special product prices and of course cheaper.

This one program is usually called an endorsement system for customers who have a strong presence on social media. So later customers have to disseminate and market the company’s products through their social media accounts.  to get the product for free with additional prizes or according to the agreement.

 Limited Events then the customer is entitled

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While events limited to your personal can provide benefits to clients on special days. For example by providing special promos, buy one get one when the consumer is having a birthday.

4. Brand Value Programs
This example of a customer loyalty program aims to benefit customers while at the same time strengthening the value of a brand. For example, with a discount or cashback to get consumers’ attention so they want to buy it continuously.

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