E-mail Marketing, a Tool That Never Sets

 E-mail marketing. A tool that never sets. Digital email marketing campaigns. Pillar of digital marketing. Email marketing is an advertising and corporate communication platform that cannot be missing from a digital marketing strategy. Technologies are constantly changing. But email marketing. Despite the passage of time. Remains effective! This is why it is a strategy that cannot be done without. Also because the opening rate of advertising emails is very high ! This is a reason that pushes companies to make extensive use of this tool! Another reason is its practicality: with a simple email message. You can communicate with customers. Send a promotion on a product or service previously purchase or make known company news! 

Are the recipients of email marketing only acquired customers?


Obviously the message is artfully designe. Starting from the subject of the email. Which must be captivating. To capture people’s attention and induce them new database to open the email message and carry out the requeste action! Inside. The email will have very refine graphics and a text written  according to.  The rules of copywriting and will take on different tones depending on the target it is addresse to and the product or service offere! Are the recipients of email marketing only acquire customers? Email marketing campaigns also target existing customers . With the aim of building their loyalty. But they don’t stop there. In fact. You can also create other campaigns to acquire new customers : in this case you will nee to plan a precise strategy and build a targete audience. To be known in detail. It will be necessary to create an ad hoc message. 

Are there any tools to manage email marketing campaigns?

Which takes into account the interests. Nees and requirements of these potential customers! In both cases. Whether you are dealing Fax List with customers to retain or whether you want to acquire new contacts. You nee to have a large database of email addresses to draw on. This database must be built with respect for people’s privacy and must. Therefore. Contain only those emails provide spontaneously by the owners of the email accounts! Different behavior would go against the legislative dictate. Because sending an unwante email constitutes a . Violation of the person’s private sphere and entails certain legal consequences! So to avoid having worries of any kind. It is better to send.  E-mails only and exclusively to people who give consent to this . Sending or who voluntarily communicate their email address! 

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