Can you do it differently? Of course, it’s all about testing. From the rest you Your Product just select the country and I’m open without interest. Locations : I only use 3: Instagram feed, Facebook feed and Instagram Story, since after so many campaigns they are the ones that work best with cold traffic. One last setup is to target the most impulsive buyers. We want to find that audience that only needs an impact for their purchasing decision. How do we do it? We’ll create an exclusion for people who saw our ad once. Why would we do that? Simple, because here we focus on impulsive buyers , those who see the ad and buy cold.

This so that the algorithm Your Product follows the same principle

Therefore, I do not want the algorithm to show my ad to a person top industry data who “thinks they are my ideal buyer.” Thus my budget will be focused on searching for new audiences. We will set the attribution interval to be 1 day after clicking or after viewing. This so that the algorithm follows the same principle. If a person saw my ad today and bought tomorrow, they fit the customer profile I’m looking for. But if today you saw my ad and after spending 9 days you bought thanks to a WhatsApp or an email, I am not interested in Facebook spending money looking for that customer profile.

Here we see a campaign in its fifth day

The interesting thing about this campaign Fax List is that we go directly for buyers, so the Facebook algorithm, as it obtains sales, further adjusts that customer profile. Here we see a campaign in its fifth day. I always eliminate adsets that are above $2.5 without clicks on the first day, as I seek to prioritize my budget on those that have potential. We can see that it is a product with the potential to take it to the scaling phase. As for the advertisement, the idea is to create videos that really demonstrate the solution to our problem.

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