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Try using a tool like hootsuite inbox to manage all your social messaging in one place. Linkedin is the place to connect with corporate. Industrial. And commercial clients. That applies for both insurance companies and individual agents it’s a great place for company executives. Brokers. And agents to share thought leadership. This can develop their reputations as industry leaders. People announce professional life changes like big moves and new jobs on linkedin. This provides the chance for advisors to reach out with messages of congratulations. And to provide a friendly reminder that life changes can lead to policy changes too. 1 social media tool for financial services grow your client base with the tool that makes it easy to sell. Engage. Measure.

Gen-Z-Centric Insurance Brand Lemonade

And win   all while staying compliant. Book a demo cheat sheet. 6 insurance social media post ideas idea 1. Brand-approve and compliant posts for insurance agents compliance is a key concern when using social media in the insurance industry. Depending on your location. The way you can and can’t use social media might be define by industry-specific regulatory bodies like. 

Finra in the unite states iiroc in canada fca business database in the unite kingdom a good way to stay compliant   and avoid violations and fees   is creating approve content at the corporate level. You can then decide whether to allow individual agents to customize their own insurance social media posts or not. Ppi is a canadian national insurance marketing organization.

Think About the Best Ways to Gather Customer Feedback

It provides resources for independent brokers. One of those resources is the link between. It’s an eucational portal from which agents can share approve content. Not sure how to manage customizable social media content for insurance agents. Hootsuite amplify is an advocacy program that allows you to create content that’s pre-approve and ready to share on social. Hootsuite integrates with proofpoint. 

So even if you do allow individual Fax List agents or team members to customize approve content. You can rest assure that they won’t violate industry regulations. If a user tries to publish a post containing language that goes against financial services industry rules. An administrator will be notifie.

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