Brainstorm no one knows your business and its customers. Better than you and your team. Therefore the first step in building keyword research. Is to search your brain and that of your collaborators to make a list of the business keywords. That brainstorming is the starting point of the study and we believe that there is no right or wrong way to do it. The only thing we recommend is that you do one synchronous exercise and one asynchronous exercise. For synchronous, take out a workspace with your team, free yourselves from distractions and sit down to throw ideas into the air.

Down all the search terms that you think people

During the process, open a spreadsheet or notepad and write. Down all the business lead search terms that you think people who are searching for what you offer are using. Then, for the asynchronous exercise, upload the file to a shared folder and commit to writing down everything that comes to mind over the next week. Step 2. Evaluate the market and competitors once the synchronous and asynchronous brainstorming is over, what follows is to investigate the market and competitors. For the first, you could do a focus group or simple interviews with clients, prospects and ordinary people who live different states of consciousness.

With you to enrich your keyword research

The idea here is to ask those people to share keywords. With you to Fax List enrich your keyword research . Now, to investigate competitors, all you have to do is visit their website or social networks to identify what words they use or what topics they constantly address. All the keywords you obtain by researching the market and competitors must be added to the master document that you built in the first step. Step 3. Add tools up to this point, what you have is a file full of keywords. In it you put your ideas, those of the team, those of clients and those of competitors.

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