Have also increas with the popularity of ChatGPT. However these are not reasons not to use artificial intelligence as an aid in everyday work. Read the blog Marketing during a crisis What things should you focus on and why The world situation and change in the field of marketing are not the only things that can surprise. Ordinary expenses that require money can arise from various necessary platforms and tools that break down. Typical situations The PHP version or plugin of the WordPress-bas site is out of date. Outdat

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For example in the Elementor PRO 3.11.7 add-on version a vulnerability requiring immiate action appear. Something breaks on the site or you want a new feature. For example you want to add a new function for b2b email list previewing clothes to your online store. The chosen KPI is not good enough or it nes refinement or there is a significant change in the attribution models . In this case you have to build a new one or update the old one but this also requires resources Some integration may break for example in CRM or a marketing automation tool. Clear goals of marketing help to understand the ne for money better Digital marketing often aims to get

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Return on investment. To achieve this you have to think about your goals now and in the future. If the goals are even a year away what actions should be taken right Fax List now to achieve them What about promoting a goal three years away Budgeting is also easier when you have the big picture in mind. Different models should be us to support the construction of the marketing strategy. At Suomen Digimark kintoninn we use the MVG model . The goal of the strategy is to clarify your companys buyer personas and the core message

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