To them to respond to changes in purchasing behavior and to strengthen the companys brand. Actions taken now have a big impact on what the results will be in the future. A strategy alone is not enough it must be put into practice with the help of a good plan. Practice on the other hand must be measur in order to know whether the goals of the strategy are being reach. In order to know whether its worth pressing the gas or the brake you ne to build a dashboard that supports the goals in the marketing channels . Measuring allows you

To verify the results obtain

And you know what you have paid for. In addition you can see if a certain channel works particularly well for your company. In the MRACE® model measurement has been brought to the center of all marketing. The model consists of five different steps which are reach act convert b2b leads engage and measure. Since each step of the MRACE® model is bas on data it is easy to see in the light of the numbers where it is most profitable to allocate advertising clubs. A flexible overall budget also ensures that there is courage and ability to immiately invest more in the functioning of the channel. It is easy to measure whether the goals have been reach but it

Is also good to think

About how to reach them. Actions taken now have a big impact on what the results will be in the future. Case example of marketing budgeting changes Previously Fax List Cross Wraps marketing was strongly structur around physical events and new leads were collect mainly in connection with trade fairs. In the chang world situation the goal for 2021 was set that it should be possible to collect the same number of leads through digital channels as through the 25 international events organiz in 2019 in total. This goal was reach at the

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