In recent years, there has been an ongoing debate among academics about the extent to which homework can contribute to students’ academic success.

In fact, some claim that schoolwork is burdensome and should not be given to students.

Although various theories are issued by those who are said to be intelligent, most teachers still give homework to students on a daily or weekly basis.

And I, as a teacher, think that homework is still relevant.

But we should know that:

— for homework to have maximum impact on students, it needs to be “done the right way.”

Parents need to make sure their children have time to do their assigned schoolwork every day.

And a place free from distractions so they can focus on their tasks.

Here are the three most important reasons how homework can help students succeed:

1. Forming Discipline and Study Skills
Homework doesn’t just make children learn.

But it also teaches “how” to learn.

In real life, we cannot learn everything in Latest Mailing Database a classroom setting.

We need to learn by ourselves how to study wisely, and homework will force us to do it.

Completing homework assignments also teaches students effective time and task management.

It helps them set and meet goals, take initiative and bear personal responsibility

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Group learning is also important, but we cannot Fax List ignore the need for children to develop independent learning skills.

2. Prepare and Reinforce What is Learned in the Classroom
Homework content is usually designed in a way that summarizes all the features of learning in class.

Homework contains two basic principles:

It repeats what was learned in class that day and introduces what will be taught the next day.
Thus, they reinforce concepts that have been learned and prepare students to learn what will be taught next.
Homework also helps students face quizzes and tests that play a big role in determining their grades.

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