The team has taken into account your feedback from 2019 by building courses adapted to your needs, according to the maturity of each one. So follow the guide and make your choice! Inbound marketing: am I going or am I not going? Is inbound marketing still a bit of a blurry concept for you? Need to understand the fundamentals? You are convinced by the digital transformation, but you wonder if it is adapted to your business? So do not miss these two conferences which will allow you to see things more clearly.

The inbound method to work and essential

Inbound Marketing, back to the basis!” hosted by Isabelle Defay, Cindy Ronsoux and Fanja Sanceau. For this masterclass you will face 3 funny ladies, with their Latest Mailing Database own experiences in inbound marketing and BtoB business. But what have they learned? Pitfalls to avoid, prerequisites for the inbound method to work and essential tools to increase efficiency: you will know everything! In a masterclass, you will understand how to start implementing your inbound marketing strategy. Ilham Guggenheim’s conference on digital transformation will also be rich in lessons. After a career punctuated by data, inclusive management and omnichannel marketing.

To know how to take a step back from

Latest Mailing Database

Their transformation strategy and teaches digital marketing in several business schools. During this conference, she will bring her convictions on “digital transformation mania” and her expert view on the mistakes to avoid when Fax List trying to transform. From theory to practice: concrete actions You have already implemented an Inbound Marketing strategy within your company, or are about to do so. But ? It is essential to know how to take a step back from the changes initiated and draw inspiration from concrete examples and winning strategies. Come and look for possible answers during Hervé Schluraff ‘s workshop “A cross-section of Sales and marketing perspectives on Inbound strategies” . 2 marketing directors and a sales director will share their experiences on the implementation of their Inbound Marketing strategy and the involvement of Sales in it.