Leasing is the main source of income for commercial real estate owners along with flipping of property. Duration of the lease last? Which lease should be used? etc. This article covers- An Industrial Gross lease. The structure of an Industrial Gross lease. Advantages of Gross lease. Lease Calculator. How Sands Investment Group can help. Related Post: What It Is Like Buying A Home Using Real Estate Agents 1. An Industrial Gross lease: It is a modified gross lease for multi-tenant industrial buildings used by the land-lords Tenants pay for a share of utilities and services that are provided by the landlord.

It’s the Landlords responsibility to

Pay property taxes and insurance. The lease specifies exactly the services which are provided by the landlord. An IG lease is a combination of modified and Kuwait Phone Number List triple net lease. It can also be taken as a net lease where the tenant has to pick up some property expenses. It is also called a modified gross lease because the landlord provides services like insurance, repairs and property taxes with the tenant’s rent. The form of IG lease –The landlord should know how to form their IG lease as it may affect financing on Industrial buildings.

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The Concept Of Base Year- Special terms

like base year references to the structure of IG lease. The base year is the first year of tenants’ lease. It includes taxes, insurance, maintenance and other Fax List  utility expenses. It also refers to the cost for operating expenses in the first year. Common Area- An area in a building that serves multiple tenants e.g lobby, vending machine area, elevators etc. It may also include locker rooms and security offices. An IG lease also specifies that the tenant will share the expenses of (utility and maintenance ) of the common area. Tenant Expenses: The tenant may pay for extra services as pick up of garbage according to the terms and conditions of the lease.



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