Cookies, having become a recurring mechanism for displaying ads, ended up affecting user privacy. Given this, Google has been betting on a new system and is testing the new FLEDGE API. Which uses interest groups to replace cookie-based tracking for audiences and remarketing. The Privacy Sandbox FLEDGE API for Audience Remarketing is designed with the aim of preventing third parties from tracking users’ browsing behavior. What is FLEDGE API Why use FLEDGE The impact of the end of Cookies Therefore, I imagine that you are curious to know more about how this tool works. In addition to understanding how it differs from the system you already use in your business. So, we invite you to keep reading and stay on top of the subject. Automation Practices For Google Ads Google MUM: All About the Latest Search Engine Update Display Network and Search Network.

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Which to Use in Google Ads? What is FLEDGE API FLEDGE is an experiment that was used in Chromium. There the Privacy Sandbox timeline provides usage time information for FLEDGE. In this way, it enables in-browser auctions that will choose relevant ads based on sites the user has visited before. Thus, according to Google’s own information Belgium Phone Number List from the moment a user visits an advertiser’s page, an interest group owner can ask that user’s browser to add an association to the group in question. FLEDGE API tests and impacts The information is that the FLEDGE tests on Google AdSense will start on August 28th. There is no prediction of change in revenue or impact on usage, at least there is nothing definite about it. For those who don’t know, Google AdSense is a way for publishers to earn money from online content.

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That’s because, they can match ads to your site based on visitors and available content. Thus, these ads will be paid for by advertisers who want to promote products. You might also be interested in: Google Ads: Understand everything about Google’s ad tool . The search engine will keep updating The settings available in Chrome will continue to be Fax List updated by the search engine, according to FLEDGE’s demands. However, users can now adjust their participation in Privacy Sandbox reviews in Chrome by toggling the top-level setting on or off . Thus, the idea is that users can identify and manage the list of interest groups to which they have been added on the websites they have visited. For this, Chrome guarantees autonomy and privacy to users. In addition, it is possible to block access to the FLEDGE API.


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