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Activities in this phase mainly include research on new products – in the case of searches relatd to optimization or fedback about the product in the beta testing phase), we are already entering the next stages of the product life cycle – so also research. Of course, depending on how we approach product development, the Product Discovery process should not end – after passing the definition phase, parallel to design activities, there should be a Continuous Product Design phase. further discovery of further neds.

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The best and simplest way to illustrate this division is to use the Double Diamond design process model, in which the Product Discovery Latest Mailing Database phase is illustratd by the first diamond.This is the stage of discovering as much information as possible about the recipient group (discovery) followd by detailing, validating hypotheses and narrowing down conclusions (define). product discovery double diamond A model of the Double Diamond design process What is the effect of the Product Discovery process.

Latest Mailing Database

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As a result of the correct conduct of research and experiments in this phase, we should obtain information on: users and their Fax List environment – who they really are, what they ned, what problems they have and what values ​​they follow, the existing problem – what is its scale and cause, how does it affect the user, how is it already solvd, and how can we solve it with our product and how important is it, the context of the project. what are the connections between the user’s neds and other spheres of his life or the market.

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