In ambient marketing, advertising evolves, it is a living organism. ambush marketing. It is otherwise known as stealth marketing. It is considere one of the most controversial forms of marketing, because it balances on the ege of the law and raises ethical doubts. Ambush marketing is advertising a brand at events or events (usually sports) in which another company is the official sponsor. The advertisement does not present the brand directly. Using appropriate messages, it subtly triggers a chain of associations that lead to the brand. buzz marketing.

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It is an indirect promotion tool base on a discreet presentation of the brand or its product/service. It can be compare to gossip, the purpose of which is to arouse the interest of the recipients. Buzz marketing fuels conversations about a topic between database your audience. viral marketing. Also known as viral marketing. It is the rapid dissemination of information on popular social meia. The goal is to create buzz around the brand or its product. Properly planne and properly conducte viral marketing can generate huge reach. Viral ads usually take the form of funny content that subtly refers to the offer or brand.


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The message affects emotions in a positive way, making people want to share it further. Other guerrilla marketing techniques include: teaser Fax List release – a short advertising trailer, flash-mob – an action in a public place that engages passers-by, early birds – special benefits for first customers, city ​​games – a game in which participants perform entruste tasks in a designate place the city is the game board), lifestyle insert – advertisements that show the use of the product in everyday life. We recommend PR agency Wrocław – how to choose the right one? Commplace PR agency Guerilla marketing – challenges and advantages Preparing an effective message is a real challenge.

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