Many a time, you will come across e-commerce websites offering free shipment! In fact, some sites claim to ship products within a day or two. This is mainly because more than 60% of shoppers choose to abandon their carts when there are shipping charges. To be more precise, adding few dollars for shipping on the entire order will “chase” your potential clients. With this being said, here are few tips on how to offer free shipping. Related Post: How to start an import/export Business with necessary steps? Product price! First things first, you can use the product price. E-commerce websites don’t think twice to include the shipping charge along with the price of the product. This means, your profit will stay the same.

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Shipping free. Deferred shipping! If your customers are willing to wait for a week or more – you can consider using this option. Try to ship the product Morocco Phone Number List in a bulk. This way, the actual shipping charge would be handled by another product. Distribution Centers As your business expands, you need to consider opening multiple distribution centers. When the distance required to ship the product reduces, you don’t need to worry about a shipping charge. This also means you need to engage in Geo-location based marketing. Also Read: Best Habits owned by the world’sMost successful entrepreneurs Limited Range of Products Free.

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Shipping will not be possible on all products

Services. Sometimes, you need to consider the products you offer for free shipping. This means you have to host a selected range of products with hidden shipping Fax List  charges. As mentioned previously, the expensive product will absorb the extra charges. Thus, your business will still see a good profit. Dollar a Minimum for Free Shipping! Dollar a Minimum for Free Shipping If you have followed Amazon, you will come across this strategy. Many a time, Amazon chooses to ship products for just a single dollar. But, the order must be above a certain value. For example, if the customer chooses to buy over 49 USD – they will be eligible for free shipping, or they need to pay a dollar.



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