What Is an SEO Score & How Do You Check Yours

An SEO score is a metric given by an SEO tool to give you an idea about the health of your website regarding SEO. The exact meaning will differ depending on which tool you use. But generally speaking, it refers to the technical SEO health of your site. Having technical errors on your website can significantly impact how your site performs on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Therefore, you’ll want to ensure your site gets the best SEO score possible. What Is an The more technical issues your site has, the lower your score will be.

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SEO score, you can understand which areas of your site need improvement. From here, you can run your first crawl. Our tool crawls all the pages it finds on your executive email list website—then provides an overall SEO health score, visualizes key data in charts, flags all possible SEO issues, and provides recommendations on how to fix them.  However, Google does use its own algorithms that take into consideration some of the factors that contribute to your SEO score. Therefore, if your SEO score is very low, it’s likely the issues affecting your score may also be affecting your positioning or even blocking your pages from showing up in search results.

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Ahrefs account, you can also see the SEO score of other websites. This can be extremely helpful for freelancers doing initial assessments of a potential client Fax List or for someone looking to purchase a site. Issues have a color-coding system that indicates their importance. Errors are marked in red, warnings in yellow, and notices in blue. You want to fix as many of these as possible, but errors are the most important. When you click on an error, you will be taken to a breakdown of the issue. This can include the URLs that the issue appears on, as well as other metrics such as whether the page has organic traffic, if it’s indexable, etc.

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