Here buyers will find all the technical and specific information which, in practice, could determine the final purchase decision.

Imagine looking for a suitable desk for the office you’ve set up in your home, where size might be a factor.

If this information is more visible in one offer than in another, it is more likely that it will be the first to make the sale.

In the product details section, you can add informationh as size, weight, ASIN, and Bestseller ranking.

Here are the main reasons why the product specification section should not be overlooked:

  • Detailed product features can give more prominence to your offer
  • The section may contain information that is essential for buyers’ decisions
  • It can help improve your visibility from  Whatsapp Mobile Number List accon Amazon, especially if you have more detailed and useful content than your competitors

This last point is critical to success, so be as detailed as possible when entering product specifications.


6. reviews

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It is known that products with a good number of posiews have an advantage on Amazon, especially in the search results pages.

In fact, people tend to trust the opinions of others. The greater the number of reviews for a product, the more reliable the general opinion expressed by users is considered.

This emerges clearly when shoppers compare similar products.

In the example below you can see the difference between two coffee presses: one has thousands of reviews, the other only 4.

Customers may be willing to spend a few dollars more to purchase the model for which the overall judgment seems more reliable.

For this reason it is important to invite customers as much as possible to write product reviews. To help you, Amazon offers you the possibility to ask for feedback from your customers.


What to do if your product has not yet been assigned an ASIN?

You can then use this information to update the text accompanying . The product and improve its strengths, but also to identify new relevant keywords based on the interests of buyers.

7.ASIN and product categories of Amazon

Amazon uses product categories and product identifiers to manage its . Huge assortment of items, and to show searchers the most relevant results possible.

Consequently, it is essential that the product categories and identifiers are correct.

When it comes to Amazon product  the Fax List manacategories, there are two important things to remember:

  1. They are not the same as Google Shopping categories
  2. While some categories are open , others need to be approved before they can start selling

The ASIN (“Amazon Standard Identification Number”) is a specific product identifier from Amazon, which is used in all offers. It is also visible in the address bar.

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