He has been part of Ikusi on two occasions. The first time as a Presales Engineer. This stage was followed by his move to another company in the technology sector and in January 2023, after a call from César Villamil, who was already General Director of Ikusi Colombia, he returned to Ikusi as Presales Manager. A return to the origins of which he feels very satisfied. He affirms that it has been very enriching and that it has allowed him to transfer all the knowledge and experience acquired in his career at the operational, pre-sales and leadership levels to his new position. Like any good Medellin native, he is delighted to have his base of operations in Medellín, although, as Presales Manager for all of Colombia, he constantly travels to Bogotá. Ikusi is an actor who has practically recently arrived in Medellín.

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This market with? It is true that, if we talk about time, we have recently landed in Medellín. But the advantage of Ikusi is that he was not starting from scratch. Quite the opposite. Added to the commitment of a new commercial incorporation of the professionalism and experience of Erica Triviño, since the pre-sale we have transferred to Medellín all the experience and specialized knowledge that has been accumulated Australia Phone Number Data in the country’s capital. And it is not little. For years we have been working with leading companies in the country, especially in the financial sector, and that experience, which the market recognizes, has opened the doors of companies in Medellín for us. So today Ikusi is present in the two main economic centers of Colombia and, from a qualitative point of view, I would say solidly established.

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In the city that belong to the financial, educational, industrial and transportation sectors. It has been difficult, but we have done it. As I said, we were not starting from scratch. Clients from Medellín looked for Ikusi references in Bogotá and verified that Ikusi was a trusted ally. Our strategy now is to capture accounts in retail, health and the energy sector, and of course continue growing in the accounts in which we are already Algeria Phone Number present to continue consolidating. What has the Medellín client valued when trusting Ikusi? What happens in Medellín can be extrapolated to Colombia as a whole. The difference lies in what we call the differential value of the Ikusi service. I explain. We are specialists in telecommunications and cybersecurity technological infrastructure services. We collaborate with different manufacturers, in Colombia mainly with Cisco.

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