The coronavirus pandemic is spreading like wildfire. As of now, there are over 700,000 covid-19 cases globally, with the u.S. Making up of 228, 727 of the mentioned. The pandemic has not only taken a toll on our health systems but also on the economy at large. So, how can you keep your entity afloat? Only by taking steps that make your clients feel safe. From finding the best payment processing company to help ensure your contactless payment system is efficient to leave at my door option, here is how to ensure business continuity during the current covid-19 outbreak. Related post: how coronavirus impact on business export also read: 5 common mistakes companies make when going digital 1. Introduce contactless delivery options.

As the numbers of coronavirus cases

And deaths continue to increase, everyone, including your clients, is continuously looking for ways to keep exposure to the virus minimum. In Panama Phone Number List that light, you should show your clients that you understand their concerns and care for their wellbeing by introducing contactless delivery options. For instance, you could introduce the “leave at my door” delivery option. This way, those clients who want to avoid close contact with any strangers to avoid exposure can still enjoy your goods and services without feeling like they’re compromising their safety. 2. Switch to a contactless mode of payment contactless mode of payment according to a study released by the new england journal of medicine, the coronavirus stays stable on copper surfaces for about 4 hours, on cardboard for a whole 24 hours.

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Consequently, most people, even those

Who didn’t believe in cashless money, are now using cashless payments such as credit and debit cards. Also read: top business trends in 2020 as a business, whether Fax List your physical location is still open or you’re operating online, the only way to ensure you’re meeting the needs of such clients is by evolving as well. If you were yet to implement a contactless payment system, now is the time to find a suitable payment processing company and get started. 3. Offer services virtually can’t deliver your services? No worries, as you can just deliver them virtually. For instance, if you are a personal trainer, a therapist, or a tutor, right now, you can’t provide your services as you used to before covid-19 happened. But that doesn’t mean you close your business and be sad about it.


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