EMOTIONAL MARKETING. The power of emotions. It is still an endearing offspring, but little by little I am nourishing it with articles where Emotional Marketing, Storytelling, Experiential Marketing, Branded Content and, above all, EMOTIONS, have all the weight of what can be read here. Although I will also include the events in which I participate for a simple reason, because in all of them I believe that I have contributed my grain of knowledge and experience, but what you are not aware of is that each and every one of you has also contributed to me, and you continue doing, on a professional and personal level.

Later Darwin came and put to rest

Later Darwin came and put to rest. Ater Darwin came and put to rest what were only Aristotle’s conjectures. Because there are no known studies on these 14 irreducible emotions. Therefore, only some notes that were recovered over the years. Darwin wrote in 1872. The expression of emotions in man and animals. Book that raised concerns beyond studies. And where he suggested that facial expressions and gesticulations were factors that influenced the evolution of species. But not satisfied with that, the theories and email contact list studies continued. Therefore, where one of the most notable theories.

Covering the needs of our target audience, clients and consumers

Covering the needs of our target audience, clients and consumers. Based on the fact that I personally believe that we are made of stories, experiences and moments lived, no matter how minute they may be, and that, furthermore, they are necessary and Fax List essential to achieve our happiness, brands must understand that COVERING THE NEEDS of their consumers and your target audience must become your main objective. n an era where users are becoming more demanding every day, the work of brands is, consequently, more complicated every day. That is to say, not everything goes.

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