Digital Advertising, Amazon’s New Goal


 Digital advertising. Amazon’s new goal advertising. Online advertising message the new challenge to the big names in online advertising for the moment they are just rumors. But soon amazon’s digital advertising will be a reality! Amazon already sells advertising . But only on its own platform and to sponsor its products or services! In 2017 it investe 1.7 billion dollars in advertising! The next milestone will be the sale of advertising space. On the model of google and facebook . Which today have a monopoly on digital advertising. Various clues suggest that the e-commerce giant is preparing for the big leap. Proposing itself as a new player also to take advantage of the favorable moment. Just consider the events of 2017.

Will Amazon be the third player in digital advertising?

Which overwhelme many digital big names. Arousing the anger of many companies and many users! In fact. 2017 was the year of the russian gate. Of fake news. Of contents poste on facebook or special data twitter without control. Of inappropriate advertisements that also appeare on google and viewe by billions of people! Racist posts. Pornographic or terrorism content have pointe the finger at facebook and google. Guilty of poor surveillance and of not reacting to reports adequately! And amazon? In 2017. But also before. It suffere a lot of criticism for the working conditions of its employees. But business is booming and there is certainly no shortage of advertising investors. Who place great trust in amazon!

Will this be the end of the Google and Facebook duopoly?

Has anything change for facebook. Twitter or google in the advertising sector? After the events of last year. Something important has change. Although advertising investments certainly Fax List continue to do very well. The first consequence of fake news or reporte content was general discontent. Which le some companies to threaten to suspend their advertising partnership with google and facebook. In the absence of a strong signal. One example among all: unilever . The second largest advertiser in the world after procter & gamble. Has threatene to cut advertising investments on googlebook. As the two monopolists of digital advertising. 

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