Coding. However. Does not mean making all children perfect programmers. This is not our goal. It is likely that some of them will decide to continue their studies along the path of information technology. But it is not certain that everyone has this passion or inclination. However. What we want for all the children we meet on our coding paths is to give them the opportunity to become familiar with and use computational thinking effectively . Computational thinking is certainly the basis of coding and programming. But it is above all a way of analyzing. Tackling and solving everyday problems! Coding for children therefore becomes a school subject in all respects.


The real tools that are us are the body

 A subject where. Contrary to what one might asia email list imagine. Electronic devices are present in a very small part (sometimes they may even be absent). The real tools that are us  are the body. Space and imagination. If you want to know more about our coding courses. Also for adults. Visit the page d icat  to our app development courses or contact us ! What does coding consist of? Kids call them “ coding games . ” they are activities that encourage children to develop some specific skills obviously relat  to the world of coding but which can be exploit  in everyday life.


We explain to the children that between

 Let’s take an example. In the first lessons children become familiar Fax List with the concept of “commands”. We try together with them to explain what a command is . When in their everyday life they give or receive a command. Once this is done. We explain to the children that between humans we use complex commands. But if we were to talk to a robot (or any other artificial entity) we would ne  to use simple commands. After this brief explanation we familiarize the children with the simple commands. As? Through the game! In pairs. The children alternate in the role of the human and the robot.


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