Cloud Protection to Stop Cyber Attacks

Since 2018, in a report by the consulting firm IDC , it was already announced that by 2025 the volume of data in the world would be 175 times more than in 2011. An exponential growth that will make the data volume reach 175 zettabytes in 2025, or even exceed it, because the growth trend in data traffic does not stop gaining speed. And a good part of that volume of information, which is difficult to even imagine, is safely stored in the cloud. So it is not surprising that cloud protection has become a fundamental piece to guarantee data security in an increasingly interconnected digital environment. Therefore, with the rise of cloud solutions, it is crucial to understand how to secure sensitive information and maintain.

The Integrity of Systems Against Security

Breaches, malware attacks and unauthorized access. However, research carried out by Thales in 2023 focused on a worrying dynamic around data protection: less than half of the confidential data stored in the cloud is encrypted, exposing organizations to significant risks in terms of data Hong Kong Phone Number Data protection. security and privacy. The study is based on a survey of nearly 3,000 IT and security professionals in 18 countries. At Ikusi, as a company specialized in security solutions and services, we know that it is essential to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and services in an environment that presents unique and changing challenges compared to traditional infrastructures.

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That Is Why We Have Developed Specific

Proposals such as Cloud Protect by Ikusi that provides comprehensive protection in cloud environments.  Allowing the user to maintain continuous visibility to guarantee an efficient operational level.  Protecting the organization’s information in hybrid environments (private and public cloud). Ensuring its integrity. This solution includes the best cybersecurity technologies and services.  Integrating with the main Australia Phone Number public cloud providers and/or private cloud environments.  It allows us to identify weaknesses in security controls, indicating which are the most critical.  Thus focus efforts to remedy the findings that represent a greater risk. In addition, it offers visibility and control of access to cloud applications to ensure their correct management.  As well as comprehensive protection of existing workloads.  Ensuring the correct construction of cloud services to minimize inherent risks that are not easy to detect.