As Wearing headphones and viewers. creating a series of 360-degree options for him: watching films outside the scope of the TV. in an immersive environment. or allowing the operation of household appliances through Virtual Reality applications. You might be interest in: “The Facebook Metaverse: Is it just a rebrand or is there more to it?” TV advertising We return to the TV but through a use that is no longer univocal and monodirectional.

But bas on interactivity. We are not talking

About the future but about the present given that virtual reality TV and shopping already exist thanksĀ  europe email list to the positive experimentation of technologically advanc companies. The tangible results come in particular from South Korea where GS Shop. an important multimia retailer. uses metaverse technologies connect to advertising on TV. An example: during an advert regarding dri fruit from the Otree company. Gs Shop offer viewers the opportunity to visit the factory in virtual tour mode. The metaverse consist of a 3D replica of the manufacturing company’s (Otree) website .

The objective was to show consumers the quality adopt by the company

In the production and care of raw materials. A first example that will be follow by many others. eCommerce metaverse Among the applications of the metaverse. eCommerce certainly cannot be missing . with the possibility of providing customers with a better experience before purchasing . During the Covid period and the resulting travel restrictions. numerous steps forward have been made in this direction. Many brands have start to invest in the so-call ” fashion tech ” through events in which 3D Fax List catwalks have sprung up for fashion shows. or special 3D spaces to present new products. The metaverse will amplify these trends to the maximum. becoming a totally innovative and functional method for contacting customers and involving them in a new way of consumer experience with real. exclusively online stores.

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