Watching YouTube, browsing social media apps, memes, etc. can all lead to distraction. In situations like these, you should use the best time tracking software to determine the exact amount of time spent on each project and task. Monitor the time you spend on projects or unproductive tasks.

7. Work attire
There is no strict dress code when working from home. You can wear whatever outfit you want. However, you should not attend a formal meeting in your comfortable pajamas.

Whether it’s Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or whatever else you choose, you need to present yourself professionally.

Pomodoro Technique Francesco Cirillo

You don’t always have to wear a suit and tie, but you should wear appropriate attire for the Ws Database job. If you feel awkward wearing a suit at home, try it in a designated office space at home.

8. Pomodoro Technique
Francesco Cirillo created the Pomodoro method in the late 1980s. A quick and easy time management system that helps you get more done and stay focused on what you’re doing.

This time management method to increase productivity involves dividing tasks into 25-minute chunks and alternating them with short breaks. Taking small breaks throughout the day allows you to focus on one activity at a time and increase your productivity.

Maintain a proper work-life balance

Avoid multitasking
Most people believe that multitasking is distracting and reduces productivity, while others believe that it helps them complete tasks on time and save energy for other tasks. However, most people believe that the disadvantages of multitasking outweigh the few advantages.

Many remote workers struggle with multitasking. This is because Fax List you lose control of your work or are unable to complete it on time. What is the solution? Break your work into small pieces and focus on each task individually. Because I keep switching between tasks, I can’t focus on any one thing.

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