Google is the most popular search engine that is widely used by online businesses as their marketing tool by using the website as the medium. Therefore, so that Google and potential buyers can find these online sites, you need to optimize them.

One way is to use SEO services. Maybe some people have done this one marketing strategy so that their website gets the best ranking on search engines.

This is because the higher the website ranking, the faster customers can find your business. That way, the potential increase in the number of visitors and sales will also increase.

But unfortunately, sometimes the best efforts you have made do not produce results and are not in line with expectations.

Existence of the Same Content that are already

Without realizing it or not, the cause of a website’s ranking going down, which in turn is that there is similar or the same content. Whether you do Iran Phone Number List it yourself or a competitor, it will both lower the site’s ranking on Google. This is because search engines find it difficult to find the original owner of the content.

Therefore, a successful businessman will always create an interesting content strategy that is well structured. You can try it by making a weekly schedule to adjust the display  so that it is more consistent

Google Made Algorithm Changes time of the content

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Generally, Google will use an algorithm that they regularly update so that search engine users like us get comfort and convenience. However, sometimes it will have an impact on websites  ranked.

4. Old Website Loading
When visitors open your website but it takes a long time to load, they will automatically leave it. Apart from getting a bounce rate, it will also keep you from getting any traffic. Therefore, immediately improve the website speed if it is not appropriate.

So, if your website has experienced a decline FAX List or feels it doesn’t meet Google’s standards, then just consult the  team. We are ready to check your website and fix the deficiencies so that your website can be in the best ranking again.

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