The interaction A content marketing activity, on the other hand, the first results but will prove to be more performing and scalable over time. Calculate your return on investment ROI Once objectives and metrics have been defin, it is important to be able to evaluate the return on investment of the project undertaken. In other words, it is important to be able to answer some questions: How many sales were generat with the investment made? Is the turnover generat greater than the investment? Did I reach my goal? Why didn’t I reach it? Why did I pass it? Could I/should I have invest more? Answering these questions at the end of the project will help you understand.

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Where to improve for the following year and will allow you to achieve constant growth over time. Manufacturers, distributors and engineering firms struggle to accurately measure the ROI of their industrial content marketing efforts. Only of industrial content marketers measure content marketing ROI Source. Manufacturing Content seo expater bangladesh ltd Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends and IEEE GlobalSpec. While the number of leads generat by industrial content marketing is still a very important measurement, it is not enough. It’s not that industrial content marketers lack analytical tools or don’t know how to use them.

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It’s easy to measure data points like sessions, unique page views, and other key statistics from google analytics. However, it is complicat to correctly attribute the contributions of industrial content marketing to sales. Let’s say you’re an industrial component manufacturer and run pay-per-click PPC campaigns on Google’s advertising platform. Someone clicks on one of those ads and visits your landing page for part but doesn’t take any action. A week or two later you notice another visitor from the same company reading an application note you post on your company blog. Download a Fax List white paper and read some of your case studies. A month later, your engineering department receives an email from an engineer asking for solutions to his specific problem.

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