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So they will appear  o understand your competitors, you must first get to know them better, and therefore find out their activities on the website. Below are some tips on how to conduct a competitive analysis that provides the requir information. SEO competitor analysis step by step . Perform keyword research Before you start your competitor analysis, you ne to have a defin set of keywords that are important to your business. Bas on the number of subpages on your website, you should select a group of the most important keywords; it can be , or even keywords.

To know which queries are

The most important for your business, you seo expate bd ne to conduct a keyword analysis, which aims to select the right questions that your website should answer via landing pages. To extract the most crucial ones, you can be guid, for example, by the popularity of a certain expression. We can define the most popular expressions as those queries for which the average monthly search value is greater than . It is essential to choose the most important keywords dicat to the specific subpages of the website. It is also worth considering some long-tail keywords because, despite having a lower popularity, they often bring a higher conversion to the website.

Find your competition

As mention above, your business competition Fax List can vary greatly from your competition in organic search results. This is because commercial competition, by definition, are other companies offering the same or similar products and services, aim at the same or almost the same group of recipients. In search results, on the other hand, websites that appear in the top positions for keywords that are important to us are the competition. Here, the competition is not only the websites of commercial competitors, but also guides and ucational websites, price comparison sites, ranking sites, and e-commerce platforms. This is because the search engine is design to provide the most relevant content to the user’s query.

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