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A Google expert can tell you which of Googles channels you should place ads on YouTube Search Display or perhaps for programmatic buying. The expert can also tell you what kind of amounts similar experiments have been done by others. That way nothing is left to guesswork. By outsourcing you also free up time for your own work which you can use for example in product development. When the cooperation has last longer the marketing partner brings enormous help to budgeting. For example we at Suomen

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Start in early autumn to discuss the budget for the coming year with customers bas on the results obtain. We will give you new starting proposals and if necessary also business database justifications that you can use to pass the budget proposal within the company. An outsourc marketing partner works transparently towards your companys goals. Communication is open and the results are present clearly and comprehensibly. The

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Return on investment. To achieve this you have to think about your goals now and in the future. If the goals are even a year away what actions should be taken right Fax List now to achieve them What about promoting a goal three years away Budgeting is also easier when you have the big picture in mind. Different models should be us to support the construction of the marketing strategy. At Suomen Digimark kintoninn we use the MVG model . The goal of the strategy is to clarify your companys buyer personas and the core message