They have an account for their well-known spokeswoman. Flo. The account posts almost no content about progressive’s policies. But it does keep progressive on the radar of 68.000 followers. Content ranges from tips to consider when buying a new home to simple positive thoughts. Improving trust and creibility trust in personal and property/casualty insurance increase in 2022. Trust in personal insurance increases in 21 of 27 countries trust in property and casualty insurance increases in 20 of 27 countries source. Eelman trust barometer that said. Trust for property/casualty insurance is still below 50 for most of the g7 countries. It hasn’t risen above neutral in these countries for personal insurance.

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Either. Insurance companies have work to do when it comes to increasing consumer trust. Social media provides two-way communication. And it’s a great vehicle for behind-the scenes content. These are both opportunities to humanize your brand. You can show that your workforce is made up of real people who have your clients’ best interests at heart. 

Customer service social customer b2b leads service is no longer optional for insurance brands. Your clients  and potential clients  expect to find you on the channels they use everyday. Channels like messenger and whatsapp have become critical for support. You can’t ignore customer inquiries and concerns that come through these platforms. Doing so can be enough to lose a client or earn a negative review conversely.

YouTube SEO Is All About Optimizing

A helpful reply that makes your customer’s life easier can earn ongoing loyalty at renewal time. There are a couple of important advantages to offering customer service through social channels. First. It’s easy to connect a chatbot to address simple or frequently aske questions. Ai is improving and chatbots are getting more sophisticate. 

They’re learning to answer Fax List more of your clients’ questions. They can provide 24-hour service to get things starte in case of a late-night claim. You can also connect your social channels to your crm. This gives agents a full record of all customer contact. With all available data. They can best assess a client’s policy needs.

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