This means a $15,000 job could have overhead expenses between $3,750 and $8,100. Remember that overhead expenses are separate from the raw materials needed, like concrete accessories, plastic spacers and slab bolsters. Every business will have to make a profit, or else it might go down. You must set a price that will not only cover the cost of the service. You must cover overhead expenses as well to make a reasonable profit. Pricing at a premium With premium pricing, you can set your prices higher than your competitors because you have a service that nobody can match.  This strategy will work only if you have a substantial competitive advantage.

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For a higher price without being undercut by a product with similar quality. Customers are always conscious of prices, so if you offer your service at a Bahamas WhatsApp Number List premium, you have to work hard to create a perception of value. In a survey conducted at the Construction Owners Association of America (COAA) Leadership Conference in 2015, eighty-nine percent of owners and developers said they are willing to pay more money for quality. In the survey, it was found that: 36 percent of owners are willing to pay 1 to 4 percent more.

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Than the original price 36 percent of owners

Are willing to pay 5 percent more 18 percent of owners are willing to pay 10 percent or more Only 10 percent of owners will not pay more at all ALSO READ: FOUR WAYS OF FUNDING YOUR BUSINESS IDEA If you’re looking to sell your service at a premium, ensure Fax List  reasonable care and skill. Make sure the service is done by experienced workers. Ensure also that the service is done within a reasonable time frame. Remember that profit is important for a small contractor business to survive. Your brand’s strengths and weaknesses will determine what pricing strategy you’ll want to go with. You can use this guide on service pricing to help you more with how you should start your construction business.


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