Years later, Roby, now a writer, will publish two novels with titles that will embody the theme that has always obsess him and that discovery of his roots as a writer: The Perfect Crime and The Mystery of the Inheritance. (p. 344). The debts are recogniz and Río Fugitivo honors them: Roby’s devotion to a representative writer of the boom, Mario Vargas Llosa – Paz Soldán has recogniz him as one of her earliest and most vigorous influences – is clearly manifest: «Vargas Llosa was my model, I want – I want – to write about Bolivia as he writes about Peru (…)». (p. 26). Magical realism, however, is subject to process. The sulfuric breath of the McOndo generation appears through the position of Silvia,

They Have Greater Demand

Roby’s sister, who comments: «I couldn’t stand García Márquez; He said that, in the final balance, magical realism was going to be more negative than positive for us, it was going to continue selling and promoting abroad an business lead exotic image of Latin America: the land where men eat ants and are born with pig tails» . (p. 44). The harshest criticism is that of time: it will be seen if any novel by an author of the parricidal McOndo generation reaches the heights of that story that announc in its famous final passage that the races condemn to a hundr years of solitude did not have a second chance. on the earth .

Acceptance and Satisfaction

It is not necessary to be prolific to demonstrate the capacity for literary creation. The Mexican writer Juan Rulfo is proof of this. As the centenary of his birth is commemorat, it would be interesting to remember his merits. I believe that, in Rulfo, two aspects must be recogniz: on the one hand, identification with his culture and, on Fax List the other, the renewal of language through resources that arouse interest and, with this, raise the curtain on the so-call Latin American boom. Regarding identification with the culture, with the environment, it should be not that it was also done by Güiraldes, Arguas,

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