nterested in Are not the only platforms on which you can communicate, an often underestimated tool is the company blog or newsletters. Before producing the contents it is therefore necessary to evaluate the most suitable communication channel or channels and only then think about an editorial plan and the contents.Content marketing activity for B2B companies can be a further channel from which to attract new customers but, in addition to requiring a deep knowledge of the means, it is a long-term oriented strategy that will not lead to immediate but constant and

Competitors or to Find New Ideas and Solutions.

Ong-lasting results in time. Publishing content randomly is not enough, it is necessary to know how to read and evaluate the data returned by the platforms in order to understand whether the strategy adopted is effective or whether it is necessary to review it. Acquiring customers does not depend on luck, you must plan the acquisit business email list  on in a timely manner and monitor the results.Do you want to create new customer acquisition for your B2B company? Don’t make mistakes, rely on specialists in the sector. Contact us to talk about your project with our team!In the past we

This Is Why Linkedin Is the Right Platform in

Business Email list

lhave already talked about content marketing and the importance of creating content even for a B2B company. But if in past years it was an increasingly evident trend, in 2023 it has become afundamental element.

According to the latest statistics     published by LinkedIn, 70% of B2B marketers said they published Fax List more content than the previous year. Despite this, we often fear that we have nothing to tell or we are too busy to even think about this communication activity. That’s why we thought

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