Roby has creat a city (following the path of Onetti and his Santa María, García Márquez and Macondo , or Faulkner with Yoknapatawpha) in which the adventures of detective Mario Martínez take place: the city of Río Fugitivo . His learning is bas on the enthusiastic plagiarism of emblematic authors of the crime novel whom he reads with relish: not only Agatha Christie, but Arthur Conan Doyle, Raymond Chandler, Ellery Queen and Dickson Carr. Marito (as his friend Mauricio calls him, evoking the author of The

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City and the Dogs) is convinc that copying your teachers is the best way to climb to the heights of literary creation: «(…) what happens if you want to write but you don’t have your own ideas yet, or you lack the necessary b2b leads experience to transform your life in literature?” asks the new writer. And his response is categorical: “Well, you have to plagiarize” (p. 27). His destiny as a writer is taking shape: he eagerly searches for the origins of his vocation . And he finds them in his relative, a 19th century writer, gar Lizarazu. Genetics seems to be relentless:

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Lizarazu had written Laura , a novel that tells the story of a jilt love that ends with suicide. A plagiariz novel. None other than Goethe’s Werther . A bewilder Roby reflects with astonishment: “It was sinister to think that my innocent plagiarism could have its origin in events that occurr more than a century ago.” (p. 297). Roby Fax List finds in the crime novel the space in which he embodies the perfection dictat by the narrative warp that creates a scenario in which everything fits, so that, finally, the murderer is discover. Imperfection belongs to this world. The detective novel is perfect because in it crime does not pay;

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