Ikusi Full Visibility with Thousandeyes: from Monitoring to Business-Focused Analytics

In dynamic environments, such as those in which companies operate today, it is essential to know what is really happening in networks, systems and applications in real time and make them work as efficiently as possible. It depends on it that businesses remain operational and provide the service that customers expect. But there are prior difficulties that must face to achieve this objective. The technological offer evolves rapidly. Applications, users and infrastructure are distributed. The number of network-based services is increasingly high and strategic. However, response times to any problem and its analysis are slow. And, as a result, the service does not meet the customer’s expectations, and a dissatisfied customer is one click away from stopping being a customer.

Monitoring Strategies Ikusi Full Visibility with Becoming Obsolete

Businesses need proactive monitoring tools that collect information, analyze it and are able to predict future problems. Objective: generating responses for the business As we like to say at Ikusi, the good news is that there is a solution to have the visibility over what happens on the networks that today’s businesses need, and it is called Ikusi Full Visibility with Thousan deyes. This platform not only identifies technical Turkey Phone Number Data problems, but also establishes connections between incidents to generate alarms that detect atypical behavior in real time. Its main function is to prevent service interruptions and conflicts that may affect users’ digital experience and business continuity. Its capabilities include cloud application performance monitoring and real-time latency detection. This ensures quick identification and resolution of any errors that may affect application performance.

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Among its benefits the reduction of up to 50-80%

Of the MTTR (Mean Time To Response) of incidents or problems. Proactive monitoring of system performance to prevent failures or interruptions.  The reinforcement of the SLA’s of Internet providers, measurements.  That increase the satisfaction of the digital experience of users.  Key services in digital transformation projects and the acceleration of decision-making in the event of a failure. The use Brazil Phone Number cases The Ikusi Full Visibility with Thousandeyes applications do not leave those who know them indifferent. A few examples are enough to deduce the cost.  That it can have for companies to stop deploying visibility strategies for their network. In the financial sector, it affects issues as sensitive to your business as identifying.  The causes of interruptions in electronic banking, precision in transaction times or reducing the abandonment rate.