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Generate reports and visualizations In a clear and understandable way using reports and visualizations.Dashboards or presentations. 7. Make decisions based on data Use the knowledge obtained through business intelligence to make informed decisions. You can identify opportunities for improvement, optimize processes, adjust business strategies or develop new products and services. 8. Continuously monitor and adjust Business intelligence is a continuous process . Regularly track your key performance indicators (KPIs) and adjust your strategies based on new data and emerging trends. We’ve reached the end! Business intelligence plays.

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Strategic and operational decisions, optimizing business processes and boosting competitiveness in an increasingly complex and dynamic business environment. Organizations that make the most of business intelligence have a significant advantage in achieving success and sustainable growth Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data in today’s marketplace.Did you know that cybersecurity incidents have increased by 99% in the first quarter of 2023? At the Ikusi Cybersecurity Operations Center (C-SOC) we have attended to 99.72% more incidents in the first quarter of 2023 than in the same period of the previous year. In addition to receiving spam or computer viruses, cyberattacks are being added that encrypt data to demand a ransom in exchange.

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Of organizations and Internet users is a growing problem, and that cyberattacks are increasingly difficult to detect. That cyber-threats exist is a fact. As it is that the industry’s digitalization process is unstoppable. Therefore, it is especially necessary to enable cybersecurity strategies. That allow progress Cayman Islands Whatsapp Number List towards industry 4.0 to be carried out without endangering company assets and information. At Ikusi as a technological  services company, specialized in business networks and cybersecurity, we want to contribute our knowledge and experience to build the industry of tomorrow, as stated in the slogan of the new edition of ITM, the main industry 4.0 fair in Latin America.