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From the Office you clos your business but are you planning to start a business again? Here you can check what to pay attention to when it comes to VAT. IMPORTANT – the tapayer should be notifi of the f of deletion from the register. Removal from the VAT register is made after carrying out verification ivities and not as a result of ta proceings that end with the issuance of a decision or order. Inspection ivities which result in removal from the register of VAT payers constitute a separate procurement from ta proceings and do not require the issuance of.

A decision From the Office order provincial

Administrative court in Gdańsk of November . file I SAGd . The of deleting a tapayer from the register of VAT payers is a material and technical ivity that does not oblige the authority to issue any decision or order in this respect; this ivity does not require carrying philippines photo editor out ta proceings because it is limit to carrying out verification ivities; this ivity does not require mandatory notification of the tapayer about his deletion. judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court of June.

 How to check whether

A tapayer has been remov from the VAT register? One option is to search for a tapayer in the list of entities register as VAT payers unregister and delet and restor to the VAT register on the government website. Another option for the interest tapayer is the ta portal. A tapayer unjustifiably remov from the register of VAT tapayers cannot be depriv of the Fax List possibility of checking the ivity perform by the ta authority. In such cases the appropriate way is to initiate a complaint to the administrative court this is the Provincial Administrative Court in Kraków in its judgment of June.

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