Cybersecurity: a challenging element for 2024 63% of Spanish SMEs doubt their ability to mitigate the risks of a cyber attack Investment in security will be a priority for 51% of Spanish SMEs in 2024 Cyber ​​resilience, hybrid cloud, cyber insurance, global management of cybersecurity infrastructures or Zero trust, among the trends for the next year, according to Ikusi As technological innovations of companies and users advance, so do cybersecurity risks. In 2023, cyber attacks on large companies and entities have been numerous, which, in addition to putting organizations in check, has made the need for cybersecurity a challenging element for 2024. In fact, according to the latest Sharp survey, investment in security is a priority for 51% of Spanish SMEs by 2024.

The study also reveals that 40% of Spanish

SMEs are more concerned about their vulnerability in security. cybersecurity than last year. Likewise, more than a third admit to having suffered some type of security breach, which in 40% of cases was malware. This is followed by computer virus attacks (39%), phishing (33%) and data France Phone Number Data loss (31%). Furthermore, the study, carried out among more than 5,770 technology managers from 11 European countries, shows that 63% of Spanish SMEs doubt their ability to mitigate the risks of a cyber attack, as well as to face its impact on their business. reputation, profitability and customer trust. 2024 will be a year where there will be significant changes in cybersecurity, because new threats emerge, and with them the need for innovative solutions to protect data or systems of organizations and individuals.

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Cybersecurity in the future At Ikusi

They emphasize that, in the face of new cyber threats, which come from phishing, vishing, virtual environments, conversations with generative AI… organizations have to develop greater cyber resilience to adapt and face different challenges. Cyber ​​resilience , or an organization’s ability to resist, adapt and recover from cyber attacks, becomes essential in an ever-changing digital landscape. As the general Costa Rica Phone Number director of Ikusi in Spain, Javier Aguilera, explains, “the reality is that we are all susceptible to suffering a cyber attack, any company, any organization and any person. The best tools to deal with them are training and prevention. Awareness-raising actions and training of specialists are the basis of a good prevention plan, and it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance of the equipment, with updated software, as well as protect all existing devices and carry out good management of assets and of vulnerabilities.

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