Create retargeting , Remarketing is a functionality that allows you to create ads aimed only at people who already know the brand. That is. Users who have already visited your business, website, blog or Online Store, who have viewed one of your YouTube videos or who follow you on your Facebook page . On your Instagram account or other networks. Retargeting is super useful for any business that wants to achieve many conversions at lower prices. Because. Thanks to this technique, your advertisements will only be seen by people who have previously.

Google Ads

Shown some interest on the top people data Internet about your website and its products or service. In other words. The basic concept of the two terms “Create retargeting  remarketing and retargeting” is almost identical , that is, reaching users who already know your brand, products or services and who therefore have many more options to become customers. (our ultimate goal). The work to be done here is about creating various impacts (through highly segmented ads) that are increasingly personalized. Encouraging the user to advance through the conversion.

Facebook Ads 

Sunnel until they end up buying Fax List from you. Imagine this scenario: Roberto enters your website where you sell mountain equipment. Visit a couple of products. You leave the online store without buying anything. You don’t even sell sad black gloves. We don’t like Roberto if he doesn’t buy anything, right? What we want is for Roberto to spend his money in our eCommerce, so we launch ads that remind him of the products we have on the website, so that he remembers us and ends up buying from us.

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