Create free, What is an animated GIF or moving image files? A GIF file (Graphics Interchange Format) is a type of photo file that allows us to compress or transform several photographs (or part of a video) into a single image with movement, as its name complete in Spanish defines it for us. With the great advances in technology and graphic design applications, knowing how to make online and animated GIFs (both funny and professional)

professional GIF Online

That we talked about can be email leads very simple. But yes, we just have to have the right tools because not all of them give us the same benefits. Why should I use moving images or animated GIFs in my strategies? Create free If we talk about both a profile on social networks and content for a blog, photographs, infographics and videos have become essential visual ingredients. Because? Because they help us more easily attract the attention of our online target .

Make animated GIFs

As I mentioned before, “animated GIFs” make Fax List it easier for us to associate qualities typical of videos to a photo, to obtain an image with movement in a format that is simpler to use and share . » It may be useful for you to see this post where I compile: the best free image banks So, on this occasion I think it is interesting that we see some online tools that can be useful to design these files and be able to use them in any of our projects on the Internet.

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