Every user who uses the internet has surely at least once encountered a situation when, after visiting a website, he was greeted with an information message about cookies operating on the website . The truth is that the use of cookies on the website and the privacy policy have been discussed for several years, but as practice shows that many websites, e-mail shop owners are still relatively dismissive of the obligation to notify about the use of cookies. The general data protection regulation, or gdpr for short, entered into force  ) significantly improved this situation.

The cookie policy has become much stricter

In accordance with the established eu regulations. Companies and various organizations that ignore the requirements of the gdpr may receive considerable monetary sanctions. So what are cookies and why are they needed? What are cookies? Cookies are small Canada Business Fax List  text documents with unique identification numbers . Cookies are sent when you visit the website and are stored on your computer’s hard drive. As we have already mentioned, cookies are stored on the user’s hard drive from the first moment when one or another website is visited. Later, these files are used as an identification tool to recognize website visitors.


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The main function of cookies is to help

Identify the website visitor, monitor and evaluate his actions during the visit. Cookies and digital marketing are simply inseparable these days. Cookies on the website not only help to recognize new and existing visitors, but also remember information about Fax List  the actions performed by the visitor: the selected language, saved various settings (text font size, color, etc.). This helps improve the user experience and predict what might be of interest to the visitor himself. Although this is a really convenient, time-saving solution, at the same time, there are more and more discussions about privacy issues. The biggest concern is that, most of the time.

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