Adding share buttons almost always does not increase  even decrease shares and/or other conversions. such as e-mail list subscriptions. Many share buttons also increase page load time significantly. which can have unwant consequences. Mobile users. on the other hand. may get annoy by the share buttons. which easily take up a lot of space on a small screen. so think carefully about whether you ne buttons on mobile and disable them if necessary on small-siz screens.

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However. the most important asia email list thing is to remember  to get more shares is still to write really useful and high-quality content. How to add social buttons to your site Рstep-by-step instructions Script Social Sharing is one of the easiest possible ways to add social mia buttons to your page. and with succe in getting them on your site. 1. Go to add add-ons page Select Add-ons > Add new add a new plugin 2.

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Search and install Scriptless Social Fax List Sharing Enter Scriptless Social in the search field. the add-on and select Install now install social mia buttons 3. Activate the add-on Click Activate scriptless social sharing 4. Go to the plugin settings Select Settings > Scriptless Social Sharing social buttons add-on 5. Select the social mia services/networks you you want. you can drag them into the order you want in the Button Order section social mia buttons 6. Define are display before the content and/or after the content or if you add them manually .

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