The marketing advantage you choose a relevant text that is already well formatte. This way it is readable scannable. Trigger the first few lines to click ‘Read More’. The right people and companies have been tagge. You’ve liste your community hashtags at the bottom. The image you have chosen matches your appearance and will provide stopping power. It’s not a stock photo, but probably a photo of your colleagues at work. The correct link is in it you have deliberately chosen a different. CTA so that this post better passes the algorithm check. You can also facilitate colleagues in another language.

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Lack of inspiration yourself? Check out this content creation checklist . International I am often aske which language you should use on your company page if you have an international target group. You can prepare messages in different languages, so that colleagues from those countries can pick up this message. Then the languages photo editor ​​will not be on your LinkeIn company page, but it will be distribute by colleagues who operate in that country or language. How do you prepare messages for your colleagues? As an administrator, you go to the Content tab.

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 There you will find ‘Recommends for employees’ Make your post there as if you are going to post this yourself: with image, tags Fax List and hashtags. Then click on Recommend. LinkeIn My Company – My Company Tab – Recommend to employees – ContentMy Company Tab – Recommend to Employees – . Content Recommend Then it is ready to be picke up by colleagues. They will find the message under ‘My Company’ (if they have linke to the LinkeIn company page on their personal Experience profile). LinkeIn My Company – My Company Tab – Recommend to Employees. Post ContentI modifie it a bit you can read that here . But it was easy with image and link and the right text.

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